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Aircraft Parts & Services

Optimal Industries has aircraft parts and services capabilities.   Call us today at (+1) 972.827.7884 for a parts quote. We specialize in locating hard to find parts needed to fill Critical, A.O.G. requirements on a wide range of Commercial and Business aircraft types and have best turnaround, delivery, and pricing available in the industry.

Our customers consist of Commercial Airlines, Regional Carriers, Private, Service Air Carriers, and M.R.O. facilities.  In addition, we provide Asset Disposition Services including Surplus Inventory Sales at low cost.  Go to our Homepage now and book a 1-hour consultation (Our featured product) to quickly get Cash for your Surplus today.

Quality Assurance

Full traceability on all parts provided.  By having capability to supply new, serviceable, and OHC accessories, airframes, avionics, instruments, engines, engine parts, APU's, APU parts, we provide the very best in quality parts which meet or exceed all DOD, and FAA standards, and regulations.

Aircraft Windscreens

An air fleet is only as safe and efficient as its quality of training, equipment, and materials, pilots, flight crew, and ground support members.  When training, equipment, and materials lack quality, aircraft systems are not safe, and they are inefficient. When pilots, crew, and ground support members are out sick, planes don't fly.  The foam microphone noise attenuator on the end of the aviation microphone is a breeding ground for germs, and the ideal vector to pass germs and sickness from one operator to the next.  

For less than $1 a flight (in quantity), one time use windscreens for pilot, co-pilot, and others who use a headset are available to support your fleet.  Land, dispose the germs in the trash, and let the next crew slip a new microphone cover in just a few seconds.