Making positive impact through affordable business solutions

Did you know that 57% of former bosses and HR do not honor job reference corporate policy?  Did you know that 51% of job seekers get a bad reference from their previous bosses and/or companies?

Service offerings provided to job seekers include:

1.)  Calling former employers and find out what they will tell a potential employer for $79 per reference.                

      Example: Calling HR and former supervisor would be $79x2 = $158.

2.)   Run a full background check for $99 - sent via email.

3.)   In conjunction with attorneys - a "Cease and Desist" letter remedy to discourage negative references from ever                             offering unfavorable input to prospective employers.  Such letters have proven extremely effective.  The cost for                           this service is $395.  The attorney will also review your reference report to determine if more significant                                           remedies are appropriate.

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