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Financial System

Financial System

Through Optimal Industries Financial System, we enable any type or size of business to understand and forecast cash flow streams, optimize processes, and develop reporting policies to support and encourage better cash management. Optimal Industries has capability to facilitate training and skills transfer so any improvements can be sustained within your organization.

The following package will consist of standard business procedures that enable you to lower Costs, enhance Cash and Profits.  The following standard business procedures included in this package are:

- Accounts Payable Standard Business Procedure

- Ageing Accounts Receivable Standard Business Procedure

- Cash Flow Management Standard Business Procedure

- Inventory Management Control Standard Procedure

- Inventory Management - Min/Max Reordering

- Credit Evaluation Point System

- Labor Burden Standard Business Procedure

- Labor Schedule Standard Business Procedure

- Program Labor Estimating Standard Business Procedure

Your order will be delivered by email within 1-3 business days after placing your order online in form of standard business procedures using the email you provide at the time of order placement.

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